57 Minutes

Me and my wife have been hiking for the past few months now. It started as a barter between us. I would hike if she joins me for crossfit bootcamp. She never did. But I sticked with hiking regardless.

Today, for the first time after ages, I was able to complete the 9 + 1 hills at Shahbandar in under an hour. Many people are able to complete that same trail in less than half the time. But for me, it wasn’t easy.

What pushed me forward was the fact that I’m going to hike Mount Kinabalu 5 months from now. I remembered my EBC hike and how mentally unprepared I was. The body is more than capable of pushing beyond our mental limit. So every time I wanted to rest a bit longer. I told myself that what lies in the future is much more challenging that what I was facing then. If I could just push a bit more today, it will make a world of difference tommorow.

I know this time that I need to prepare myself mentally and physically. And I need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.