Alternate Universe

A few things have changed since my previous post. Life perhaps has gotten better. I secured myself a position at a local private company under one of the ministry. Only thing now is to wait for the green light from my medical fitness test. The pace of life in Brunei is very slow, this often reflects on the time required to receive a certain output. This means that I have about a month or so before I could start working. It’s not that I’m anticipating the working life, it’s the reward that I look forward to. I could already imagine myself globetrotting.

This mini sabbatical however has made me ponder, a lot. I came to the realisation that I’m no longer living within my familiar crowd, nor am I living their lifestyle. I’m on a different boat, in a different place and in a different time. I have a different path waiting for me, it’s there, I could see it. But I can’t help but be mesmerized by the life I visualized in an alternate universe. What would’ve happen had I chosen a different path ? Do I even get to choose ? Questions, they never end. The more I think about it, the deeper I fall into this pit of depression.