An Introduction to Wim Hof

I’m skeptical but I don’t usually scoff at ideas. So when I came across the Wim Hof method. I got curious. Never get sick again, cure depression, become a super human. These are the titles of Wim Hof advocates’ videos on Youtube.

I tried my first session this morning. Although I didn’t feel the tingling sensation as explained in many of the videos, I did get light headed. I managed to hold my breath for more than a minute, a feat by itself. This, however counter-intuitive, is what got rid of the light headedness.

I then followed the exercise with an abridged version of Sun Salutation and a few pushups. I also took a cold shower (cold by our standard, no heater at least). I felt energetic and really want to believe that there are merits to this technique.

I’m going to continue this for the next few months to see if it’ll affect me in any way. I’m also kind of hoping that it’ll help with my Mount Kinabalu training.