I’ve spent most of this year weening myself off social media. As I removed every single one of them, I found myself checking my phone a lot of times only to find out there’s nothing I can do with it. And that’s okay.

Not doing any side hustles, not chasing my passions are also okay. I don’t think I’m missing out on anything. In fact, I enjoy conversations much more now. People will tell me things in person and I will genuinely listen because I really have no clue about what’s going on with their life.

I also realised that I’m used to people knowing everything about me. And it feels so different to be showing people photos on my phone and explaining to them how life has been.

I met an ex-colleague at the gym and we seem to share the same sentiment about “chasing our passions”. Is this something rare, or is this just part of growing up? Because if it isn’t I think a lot of people will benefit from knowing that it’s okay to not be extraordinary.

Clearing my activities, online and social clutters also led to a physical manifestation. I eventually adopted a minimalist mindset. I started by clearing my office table. Removing old documents, hiding knickknacks and putting away postcards adorned on my cubicle walls.

And I couldn’t stop. I rearranged my computer desktop, delete duplicate files, archive unused folders. What else can I do? I started decluttering my room too. Souvenirs, old travel documents and more postcards. I either throw them away or store them to sell later.

My surroundings are clutter free, and my mind much more. I wish I was a minimalist sooner.