It never occurs to me that I’m an envious person. At least not outwardly. Envy and greed is one of the cause and if not the main source of unhappiness. If I average out my days, I’m generally neutral if not unhappy. It’s not hard to draw a bridge there.

I envy energetic people, ones who burst with charisma and seem to never get tired. Imagine Steve or Robert Irwin. I envy natural athletes. I envy people who travel all the time and are doing the things they love. I envy people who are in their perfect career. I envy people with perfect physical traits.  I envy perfect people. But is anyone really?

It’s easy to think so when you’re presented with the perfect life on social media. Everyone has struggled, right? A lot of times I find myself comparing to others. And that’s not going to make me happy anytime soon.

I found out many times that the key to happiness is gratitude. Yet, it is still something that I can’t grasp or practice. Perhaps I need to be more intentional about it. You don’t get good at something immediately. I need to train my gratitude muscles.