I’ve quit social media (most of it)

I was proud to be an early adopter of social media. I had it all. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Even the short-lived ones like Path and Gowalla. Heck, when Medium came out, I was quick to sign up. I’m always excited to grab @fitri as my username. I’m the first Fitri. Online presence, I want it.

But the thing is, I don’t remember how it feels like to be happy. Woah, that escalated quickly. You see, I’m always chasing after something. I’m not even sure who I was trying to impress. But things changed when I found out I’m going to have my second daughter.

I wasn’t ready to have a second child. There are too many dreams to run after. Life goals to attain. I was stressed out and much of life wasn’t going as planned. That’s when I read “When Breath Becomes Air”. And I’ve started questioning my purpose.

Answers didn’t come as an epiphany. It took another year for me to find out what it is that I wanted in life. When people need time to think, they often go on a silent retreat or a social media detox. I took the later path and permanently deleted my account. Most notably, my Facebook account, my personal Instagram account, and my old Twitter account.

One can only ponder on his reflection upon still water. I cannot have distraction. I must make my own decisions. And life was a bit more still, but not quite. I still have remnants of people’s dreams. Goals I set because of either the need to impress someone or greed.

As of last night, the 17th November of 2018, I no longer have any Instagram account. Yes, I’ve deleted my business Instagram account.  I don’t have any answers yet. But I think I should tell everyone that I love both my daughters and am thankful for my decisions so far.