One for February

Things has been fast-paced but on auto-pilot lately. The biggest thing, actually, two if you count my best friend’s wedding, is preparing for my family’s move.

We made the decision to move to our own place last October, when we were in Sydney. Originally intending to move a year later, it went abrupt when my rental tenant decided to move out earlier than planned.

I was a bit disappointed with the condition of the house after getting back the keys. At only 3.5 years old, the house is already showing wear and tear. There’s damps, cracks, and chipped walls and tiles. We didn’t think much about it, we didn’t even bothered taking a before photo. We just wanted to get it fixed.

By December, we were already drawing up the concept for our “new” home. By January, we were shopping for our furniture. Renovation started earlier this month. Everything is looking alright.

To be honest, I can’t wait to move. To have my own place, kitchen and everything. We have been conscious with our procurement. Making sure we’re buying things that are both functional and beautiful. There’s many time we’re tempted to buy cheap “temporaries”. Ultimately, we decide on postponing our move rather than rush to have everything in.

But that doesn’t mean we’re taking our sweet time. Hoping to move just next month. It feels like ages waiting for the day.