Physical Pain

I am having one of the worst weeks of my life. I had a major dental abscess affecting multiple teeth which required root canal procedures on three of them. I also have ulcers in my inner cheek and on my tongue. And as if that’s not enough, my tonsils are flaring. I’m having physical difficulty, eating, drinking and talking.

All my other problem fades away in the background. My primal sense kicked in and my immediate need is pain relief. I need to heal my physical being.

At this moment, I wish nothing more than to just be healthy. It’s wonderful how much this becomes a practice of gratitude. But it’s sad seeing my condition affecting other people.

I could only imagine how much suffering from debilitating sickness affects other people and their families. I wish that would never happen to me or anyone. But the reality is, that’s a matter of when not if. I can just be thankful for the moment that we’re still enjoying relative health, regardless of the pain.