Things I remember from my childhood

I remember riding bicycles. I remember the neighbourhood kids. I remember the incident with grandpa’s car, the dark muddy ditch and haunted places. I remember the gifts and toys that I had.

I had a fire truck and faux cd player that I gotten because of the car incident. I had a magnetic board on which you can create pixel drawings using its circular buttons. I had etch a sketch, a roller skate and even an inline skate. My favourite was probably the Power Ranger’s Megazord with individual detachable Dinozords. We also had a dual seat miniature jeep.

I hadn’t realise I grew up with so many things. Prior to listing all these down, I always remembered growing up a middle-lower income family. We live in barracks and flats most of my childhood. My mother might grew up in a lower income family but I didn’t.

I had always lived above my actual financial state. There was a disconnect between me and my family. I perceive myself living a high-income lifestyle and ended up growing into it. Lucky?