Doing good in a world of great.

Hello. I’m Fitri, man of the blog. Actually, the only person writing here. Most of my life revolves around the world wide web. So much so, it goes up and down like the sharp points in www. But then, whose life doesn’t.

We feel overwhelmed, we go overboard, we do stupid mistakes, we realise things too late. Life fills us with regrets lessons in every nook and cranny it can find. We chase after the life worth living and fail to notice that a life of chasing is not worth living. By we, I meant I.

I paid a high price for the school of life. Everyone of us. But it’s not always never in vain. I learned about dreams, about my presence and most importantly, about letting things go. This site is a collection of stories, emotions and thoughts. It’s unrefined, all over the place, and many times, cringe-worthy. But I promise they’re real.

I’m not at all comfortable sharing these stories to the world. Which is why there’s no comment section, also the theme didn’t come with one. That said, you can read my writings chronologically here, or by categories, here.

I hope you find relevance in my writing and refuge from the world of great. I trust you’ll learn about living a life of being good to yourself and others. By you, I meant I.