👋 Salam (Peace), I’m Fitri.

If you’ve met me IRL (in real life), you’ll likely think I’m a meathead with zero sense of style. The later part is true but beyond the skin, I’m a geek. The computer type. I have been a webmaster since 16, but was only exposed to the modern equivalent in my mid-20s. I’m sometimes seen beyond my natural habitat, in the world of cyber security but I’m not one to linger there.

I studied Information Technology and Systems at Monash University . Now I work full time as an IT analyst (actual title differs) for this company. I’m telling you those here, because I deleted most of my social media accounts. I’ll post a story on that soon, not the insta type btw.

Over here, you’ll get to read about my fair share of global adventures, financial woes and emotional meltdowns. I also write about my journey towards building my first SaaS product. Needless to say, opinions on the web are mine alone. TTYL.